A while ago I ordered this cushion from Etsy shop Timberline Treasures. It's made out of Pendleton wool, and I got it because of its Southwest look. It's currently sitting in the armchair (the one we never sit on because it's become a repository for things like instruments, a camera bag, another cushion, etc.).

I already want to replace the current Pendleton cushion with another Pendleton cushion that Little Byrd Vintage sells. I think you know where this is going. Yes, I'm developing a cushion obsession. I keep wanting to buy every single one I like. The madness never ends.

Well, once we buy a new armchair it'll give me an excuse to get a new cushion.

On a totally different note, earlier this year I became the editor of the ICON, which is the newsletter for St. Mary's Kerrisdale. The second issue I did was published recently. You can download a copy here to see what I do during my spare time.

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