Behold, the best croissants ever. EVER. I have searched high and low in Vancouver, and these are the best in flavour, texture, density, flakiness, and buttery goodness.

Baked by the chefs-in-training at PICA, which I pass by whenever I go into work at Granville Island.


Blogging more than usual these days. I guess it's moving up my priority list.

I'm addicted to heirloom tomatoes although I don't eat them. Wish I could, but my bladder doesn't like it. Damn IC. I enjoy them vicariously through the Dude who loves eating the luscious fruit. Anyway, I went to the farmer's market today to get the yummiest heirloom tomatoes, melons, and cucumber from my favourite farmer. When it comes to quality food, I don't mind spending a bit more than usual. It's totally worth it. And farmers need all the support they can get.


I don't know which font I hate more: Papyrus or Comic Sans. Both offend my eyes whenever I see them. If a business uses either I will seriously reconsider being a customer.


My mother calls the Dude an angel, which I find very amusing because I thought hell-bound atheists aren't qualified to be angels.

In the beginning of our relationship, I was worried sick about what my conservative Christian parents would think about my being with a non-Christian guy. Well, it turns out I really had nothing to fret about because they absolutely adore him. I sometimes seriously think they love him more than me. Well, he's a lot nicer to them than I am so I guess I shouldn't be surprised if they fawn over him more than me. Ha!

Nevertheless, my mother still reminds me each time we talk on the phone to pray for my husband's salvation.