The other day I was feeling really bummed out about the impending Canada Post strike, so I went out to Main Street to see what the hipsters were up to. Just kidding. My main purpose was to check out an antique shop that sells midcentury modern furniture that someone recommended and to visit my favourite clothing consignment shop, Front and Company. But I got distracted...

I went into a vintage store I've never been to: I Found Gallery. And I fell in love with a pair of vintage sunglasses. So I got them and brought 'em home. At 30 bucks, how could I resist?

They've got prescription lenses so they need to be changed. I will keep this pair forever. They're a classic and will never lose their stylish mojo. It's made in Italy. Those Italians really know good design, eh?

This stupid postal strike that's about to happen is really going to hurt my online vintage shop. Also, I was going to launch my new Etsy shop today, but now I have to delay it.

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