The Dude and I went out to downtown to watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Here are some pictures I took before all hell broke loose.

A caged "Bruin bear" being paraded around.

This is Georgia Street at Seymour where the "fanzone" was located. This family hopefully fled before rioting began right on this street.

An empty whiskey bottle on Georgia Street. A portent of what was to come?

A Canucks fan getting the crowd to chant. They were sitting on top of Port-a-potties.

Check out the dude standing on top of the traffic light.

Fortunately, we were in Gastown watching the game so we hopped on the Canada Line when the game finished and were oblivious to all the rioting that was going on right above us. The violence and destruction really came as a surprise. Everybody seemed so good-natured when we were walking around during the game.

The riots got me so bummed out. The Canucks losing the Cup was sad enough, but the riots are very demoralizing. I feel sad, disappointed, angry, and embarrassed.

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