Important things I'm learning about refinishing furniture:

- Sand, sand, SAND the heck out of the surface until it's smooth as a baby's butt.

- ALWAYS use primer before painting the surface with the main color.

Our engagement photos are up on our photographer's blog.


Home Depot is fast becoming my new favorite retailer. The customer service is excellent! I'm beginning to get into furniture refinishing, so I've been going there pretty often to pick up this and that. Currently, I'm working on a nightstand and a dresser.

And the last two days, the Dude and I have been collaborating with the Dude's uncle, who happens to be a woodworking wiz, to build a custom-designed ergonomic computer desk. It just has to be varnished, and I can't wait to see how the finished product looks.


Spring has not forgotten Vancouver. For a while, I was quite worried. I've been anxiously awaiting the cherry blossoms because I really wanted to take our engagement photos under their lovely shade. Last week the cherry blossoms trees were still starkly bare, but now they have miraculously bloomed just in time for our photo session tomorrow!