I need to come clean about my new addiction. I finally had to admit to myself that I'm a plantoholic. If I don't check this habit, our little apartment is going to be overrun with plants. Instead of crazy cat lady, I'll be immortalized as crazy plant lady if I don't deal with my problem soon.

I paid a visit recently to my favourite garden centre in Vancouver, KJM Country Gardens. I can spend hours there. You can even pick up fresh eggs hatched by the chickens running around the grounds! KJM has an excellent selection of succulents:

I wanted to take them all. But instead I restrained myself to these two:

I also went to Old Faithful (one of my ultimate favourite home decor stores in Vancouver) to get a couple of air plants (Tillandsia):

These guys are a bit more high maintenance than I anticipated. They need to be watered quite often. But they're sooooo cool. They don't need to be planted in soil and can chill just about anywhere. You can even hot glue them onto something else. The Dude thinks that they're freaky and that they're of the devil because of their unorthodox existence.

This past weekend I acquired even more plants even though I told the Dude that I would stop. They were crying out to me to take them home! How could I not? OMG, I seriously have a problem. Someone please help me.

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