The Dude and I went down to Seattle during the weekend. We stayed in Kirkland where at every pedestrian crossing there are bright orange flags for people to use while they cross the street. Quirky, eh?

Our friends invited us to go watch the Solstice Parade in Fremont, an offbeat neighbourhood in Seattle. When they told us that there's a statue of Lenin in Fremont, I suspected that its denizens would know how to throw a zany parade, and I was not disappointed.

The parade began with  naked, painted cyclists riding through en masse. Very fun to see. People were quite creative with their "costumes."

I admired these cyclists for braving the rain in their nakedness.

Then the parade began and these were some highlights.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster graced us with an appearance. 

 This sea creature was made out of paper cups.

The guy was dressed in an outfit made out of plastic bags. The little boy was a stray from the dung beetle group.

Spectators ran into the middle of the street to be rolled over by the giant beach ball.

Overall, it was a very entertaining parade to watch (even in the rain). Definitely worth the drive down. 

On our way back to Vancouver, we stopped by Bellingham and enjoyed a little something something from Rocket Donuts. It seems that whenever I'm in Bellingham, I cannot leave without getting a treat from Rocket Donuts because they're the closest thing to L.A. donuts, which I crave regularly. Their donuts are real good.

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  1. Ooh, those donuts look amazing! Must try them next next time we drive down south :)