This week's highlights:

  • We finally got a sofa!! We lived without one for almost a year, and I'd been agonizing over which one to get ever since we got rid of our previous sofa. Finally decided on Kivik from IKEA. The Dude and I are pretty happy with it. It's so nice to just plop on it to read and relax. 
  • Saw a movie at the Vancouver Jewish Film Festival. It was my first time ever attending. We saw a documentary called Iraq 'n' Roll, which was about an Israeli musician who reconnects with the music of his grandfather who had a successful music career in Iraq. 
  • Went to Lucky's Doughnuts for the first time (photo above). Being the doughnut connoisseur that I am, I had to try it. I got a glazed doughnut, which is my favourite. It was okay. My friend got the Apple Bacon Fritter, which I tried a bite of, and it was decadently good even though I'm not a bacon fan. 
Happy weekend!



It's been insanely busy for me lately as I am juggling three big projects. That's why I didn't blog last Friday. It's been all work with little time for play.

A few highlights since the last time I blogged:

  • My hammam towels arrived from Turkey at last! They look great (see photo above). Because they are made of thin cotton fabric, they dry very fast and take less water to wash. However, I do miss using fluffy towels.
  • The US elections were this past Tuesday. This is the third presidential election in which I was in Canada as an American expat. It's interesting to observe the elections from another country. 
  • After years of sporting the same hair style, I finally changed it. It's now super short. 

Happy weekend!