On Saturday we went up to the North Shore mountains with a small group of friends to go snowshoeing. It was incredibly fun and the scenery was stunningly beautiful! The Dude and I were both asking ourselves why we don't do this more often. It's been almost two years since our last snowshoeing expedition.

We arrived at Mt. Seymour mid-morning before it got too crowded. The first trail we went on was pristine - we were the first ones there. So we reveled in hopping around on fresh powdery snow. I really enjoyed the trails at Mt. Seymour. They weren't too hard and the surroundings were drop dead gorgeous. It was unreal. At times I felt like I was on a movie set because it just looked other-wordly.

I'm not a fan of Vancouver winters, and as someone who struggles with Seasonal Affective Disorder this is not a pleasant place to be at this time of year. But I realized that the best way to beat the winter blues is to go out there and enjoy the season by getting into snowsports. So I'm going to try making snowshoeing a regular activity to help pass the winter in a more fun way. I can't help but be amazed that in a mere 45 minutes you can be in the beautiful wilderness enjoying all that it offers.

Do you like or dislike winter? What do you do to enjoy the season?


  1. Great fun!
    I like winter. But looks like we're not going to get any this year. -- rsp

    1. Hard to believe that you've been spared the usual harsh winter!

  2. hello! got here from the etsy blog team post :)
    what a lovely blog! and i'm loving your wall decors on etsy!

  3. Pretty snowy pictures!
    I've only been snowshoeing a few times, but loved it.