Decorating our new apartment has been very slow going. I've been preoccupied with finding rugs because it's required by our building (and the deadline was yesterday!). But I managed to decorate a little corner of my office space with some vintage goodies.

I recently visited my most favourite vintage home decor shop Stepback and picked up a few gems - among them a pair of vintage wooden crates to repurpose as storage/display furniture. I love their whitewashed finish. So one of them now is sitting on top of the file cabinet holding my vintage toolbox collection.

Actually this whole little corner is a vintage haven. The horse bookend and the fan atop the crate and the flower frogs and wooden letterpress types resting at the bottom are all vintage finds. Some I scored while thrifting, others I bought from vintage sellers. It's funny how they all got accidentally concentrated here, but now that I think about it it's the only space where I can display some of my vintage stuff. The rest of it is still packed in a box because I don't have wall shelves to display them on like at our old place.

Wooden crates offer so much versatility when it comes to home decor. The other wooden crate I have is temporarily serving as a side table. I've seen some other creative uses for them: as bookcases, a shadowbox, a nightstand, a catch-all box, etc. I especially like the ones to which castors have been attached.

The shoe storage/landing strip above is made out of milk crates. I love, love, love it. If only our entryway were that spacious!

This hodgepodge of wooden crates put together to make a modular bookcase is genius! Love the flea-market style look.

I hope to share soon here what I'm going to do with the other things I got from Stepback. Hint: it also involves repurposing an object for furniture/storage use.


  1. LOVE it! looks fantastic. great inspiration too. nice to find you via etsy blogs. stop by and join our link party that started today, and promote your shop!

  2. They can make great tables too - until your real ones arrive or are purchased! Good luck with the refurbishing. Like the colour of the carpet too. Have just found you on the Etsy Blog team - am a returning member, having forgotten I was one!

    Hope you'll follow my blog, as I will do yours: it's to be found at www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com. and we all look forward to seeing you there soon.