These days I'm agonizing over which direction to take in regards to decorating our new place. I love neutral interiors but I also I adore the colourful boho/flea-market look. I'll probably end up doing something in the middle and making a hot mess of it.

Anthropologie is currently promoting a "Inspired by: Buenos Aires" style guide in their House & Home section, which definitely fits the colourful boho theme. It reminded me how much I love the way Argentineans decorate their homes. What's to love? Old world charm, cozy textiles, and pops of colours. Whenever I visit Buenos Aires, I'm always in awe of how it seems like it's frozen in time. Nearly everything (except various pockets of the city) looks outdated and worn down but in a way that's good, and even comforting. It's like I can return to my childhood with everything preserved and intact as it was back then. It all looks reassuringly familiar.

Here are a couple of Buenos Aires home interiors I find inspiring:

What makes the above two spaces work so well are that the rooms have good bones and they're huge! I mean, look at those airy, tall ceilings! In contrast, I live in a little box, so not sure if I can pull off these looks very well.

Now on to neutral spaces I find inspirational...

So I used to think that neutral meant cold, sterile spaces. But the examples above are far from that. They've got lots of warming elements like wooden furniture and structural details, natural textiles, and leather. The first example of neutral decor above is actually the waiting room of a hair salon, but I can seriously live in there! It's probably my favourite out of all the photos I've posted here.

I love both types of decor styles. I know for the bedroom I definitely want to go for a neutral, serene colour palette but for the living room I'm not sure yet. I'll probably want more colour and the way I'll do it is mainly via rugs and accessories since most of our furniture is either black, brown, or white. We have to cover at least 60% of the area in rugs because it's a building bylaw to protect the floors. So I might as well choose a bright rug that will liven up the space. This means I get to shop for rugs!

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