We have moved in to our new place! All the boxes have been unpacked, and now I'm trying to figure out how to decorate our new digs.

The only room I'm certain about on how to decorate is the bathroom. Currently, it's an all-white bathroom, but I sense that it's supposed to be black and white. It's a nice change from the all-pink bathroom we had in our previous place!

Here are some black and white bathrooms I've collected from the great world wide web that I find inspirational.

from Houzz

from Houzz

Black and white is such a classy colour scheme. I don't think it'll ever go out of style. So far I've only managed to add a black and white bath rug and a black toilet brush to our bathroom. Things that still need to be done:

  • Paint the walls above the white tiles black 
  • Find black knobs for the sink cabinet 
  • Find a black basket

I'm looking forward to the fact that the bathroom is going to be a quick and easy transformation. Instant gratification projects are the best!

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  1. I'm skeptical at the concept of a black bathroom or a black any room but those are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you decide to do!