Remember the sad empty wall I was crying about?

Allow me to remind you:

The Dude and I finally got around to putting up the troublesome wall shelves. And voila!

Initially, we put up three vertical rails, but decided to take the middle one out. It was unnecessary. Plus, because the wall is not even, the shelves were not flush against the wall, and taking out the middle rail solved that problem. It's weird how walls can be uneven because they look deceptively straight to the naked eye. The cedar boards are just resting on the brackets. Don't want to bother attaching them together. Crossing my fingers that it won't be a problem.

If I had all the space my heart desired, this is not how I would curate the stuff on the shelves. But the shelves were mounted so that I'd have more space to store all the thrifted objects that I'm selling in the shop, and they don't necessarily mesh very well colour- and style-wise. Anyway, the items on display will be in constant rotation as things come and go so I'm not going to worry too much about it all looking pretty and shit. 

The shelves are holding a few personal items as well, one of which is the cat picture, a recent thrift shop find. It's a print from the "Sam" the cat series that Andy Warhol did, and I love it. The Dude thinks it looks weird, but I don't care.

More wall shelves are slated for the future, which means another trip to Home Depot(s). The plan is to fill the red wall with similar shelving. The landlord is sure going to have a lot of fun spackling all the holes we've drilled into the walls once we move out.