This blank wall makes me sad. The plan is to put up wall shelves using the cedar 1x8 we got a month ago. But I haven't been able to find the right hardware to put up the damn shelves. I was waffling between white or black brackets. And when I finally decided on black, of course nothing comes in the size I need. ARRRRRRGH.

Here are the cedar shelves just sitting in our entryway looking rather forlorn. They remind me every day how slow this project is going.

So the hardware that I need is at the Home Depot in the U.S. Home Depot Canada for some stupid, stupid reason doesn't carry the shelf brackets in the size I need. They carry it in white, but not black. jfkajfslafowiejsalkfjsajfklajfdsaklfjsalkfs!!

I've wasted so much time going here and there looking for shelf brackets. I'm just hoping with all my might that the Home Depot in Bellingham, WA will have the goods. While I'm down there I'll pick up other things that I can't get in this third world of a country I call home.