This is what the home office looks like currently. Originally the office was set up in the darkest corner of the living room, but it was relocated next to the balcony window so that it gets flooded with natural light.

The glass wall shelves are from IKEA. I love how they look, especially in contrast to the DIY desk. (I don't hate all things IKEA). We did make the mistake of spacing the shelves out evenly. I learned later that height between shelves should decrease as they go up to create visual balance. That's a tip for next time.

The task lamp is one of those that clamp on to the desk. Originally I wanted a black one (I still do), but I saw this red one at a garage sale for $3 and I couldn't resist. The orange boxes are from IKEA as well. I think I should have gone with the black ones. Oh well.

The square painting on the middle shelf is the inspirational source of the colour palette I'm going for in the living room. It's a thrift store find, like a lot of stuff in our home. The little painting on the mini easel in front of it is from a fellow Canadian Etsy seller, emmarts, who is based in North Vancouver. I have a few of her works around the apartment as we often buy from each other's shops.

I wish the desk looked this clean all the time. I think having a drawer unit would help with clutter management. The other mess to deal with are all the wires below the desk. Ugh.

The office chair I'm coveting these days is the Eames Aluminum Group Management chair. If I get one, it would have to be a knock-off because there's no way we're spending over a $1,000 on a chair again.

So sexy beautiful. If I want Eames anything it would have to be a knock-off.