Ever since deciding on our apartment decor things have been a-changin' here. A few days ago I painted an accent wall the same red as I did the kitchen (Behr Premium Ultra Plus in Carmine Red). I love it. It's such a warm and stimulating colour. It goes very well with our "modern meets the Southwest" decor, or "Southwest Modern" as I like to call it.

We also re-arranged the furniture in the living room, and the red accent wall helps to bring some balance to the layout since all the furniture is pushed up against one wall. Don't want the space to have that bowling alley feel. I also built my dream desk to replace the two desks we got rid of in order to make more space. Pictures of that project will soon be posted.

I have my eye on a rustic pine armoire to be used in our entryway. It'll provide lots of storage of which we are in desperate need. The Dude and I went by the furniture consignment store last night to take another look at it, but it just got rented to a movie production. Hopefully they'll return it in good condition, and we can bring it home in two weeks. 

The other piece of furniture we need is a storage bench with multipurpose functionality. Ideally it will be on casters so that it could act as extra seating or a coffee table. It'll be parked against the red wall when not in use. IKEA has a piece that fits the bill, but it will be our last resort. I'm hoping to find a trunk that has a bit more character.

This weekend we're planning on making further progress in our living room makeover. Maybe by next week our apartment won't look like we just moved into it anymore.