I am totally captivated by a song called "Take Care of Yourself" by Teddy Thompson. It's lush, haunting, and oh so sad. I'm trying very hard not to listen to it too much so that it never gets old. You can listen to it on his facebook page (it's track #9). It has that old-school, Roy Orbison-esque sound that I love. Can't wait to get the whole album, which comes out tomorrow.

Anyway, we had another successful craigslist weekend. More purging, yay! We sold the IKEA bookcases (remnants from the Dude's bachelorhood) to make room for the new storage chest we got. We'll soon be putting up more wall shelves to replace the bookcases.

And the Dude's big-ass ergonomic chair also sold - miraculously. We thought it would never sell because we were asking a lot for it since we paid a lot for it.  Getting rid of it allowed us to re-position the IKEA Expedit bookcase/room divider in the living room so that it lies horizontally. When it was standing vertically its proportions didn't fit the rest of the room. Its new horizontal position seems to create better "flow" in the living room.

It's amazing how much we purge weekly from our little apartment. Whenever I think we're done purging I still manage to find things for the outbox. The fact that I volunteer at a thrift shop probably has something to do with it. It encourages me to find things to donate on a regularly basis. The less stuff we live with, the better I say.