Now that the rug situation is almost resolved, I have moved on to obsessing about lighting. I abhor the light fixtures that came with the apartment and fantasize every day about replacing them. Unfortunately, replacing the lamps is way down on the priority list. But a girl can always dream...

Here's a round-up of some lamps I've seen lately that I'd consider for our home.

Source: westelm.com via Alice on Pinterest

Source: dwr.com via Alice on Pinterest

Below are a couple of similar looking DIY pendants that won't break the bank.

I'm seriously considering the clear globe lamp from West Elm for the bedroom and dining nook. I better start saving my pennies! I first saw the lamp on this Birch and Bird blog post and totally fell in love with it. Normally I'd like to get something that's vintage, but I don't want to take the vintage theme so far that it makes our place look like an antique store. It's good to balance out the vintage stuff with some contemporary pieces. And I think pendant lamps would be a good way to introduce something more modern looking and provide a nice contrast.


  1. My favorite one is the West Elm one as well! Such cool finds. We're currently looking for new lighting fixtures for a half bath we've been renovating. So fun to see all of the options, but expensive too!

    1. Yes, lighting can be so expensive! Good luck finding something for your bathroom.