I'm happy to return to blogging after taking a much needed hiatus. My arms are feeling better, but I still need to work on a more ergonomic set-up for my workspace.

I finally added something new in the LAX TO YVR shop! Love is such a positive message to be reminded of, isn't it? It was so nice to work on a design other than alphabet letters and painting in a colour other than just black. This piece really looks great in a black frame. You find can the listing for this item here.

In personal news, we found a new place to live next month! After waffling for over a year on whether to move or not, we finally took the plunge. Our search took over two months, but hopefully this new apartment will prove to be worth all the time and trouble it took to find it. I look forward to decorating a new place! You'll see the progress right here on the blog :-)

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