So excited to be sharing my latest creation with you! I just added to my shop this new burlap wall decor item with the phrase "I'm OK" painted in a bold uppercase sans serif font. The inspiration for this came to me shortly after I designed the LOVE piece. I wanted to make another wall hanging with a positive, inspirational message. Every morning I read one entry from a book called Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all small stuff by Richard Carlson to remind myself that when problems arise or when I'm challenged by difficult circumstances, it's really all okay in the grand scheme of things. The book helps me to keep things in perspective so that  I don't make life to be a big emergency all the time. And today's reading was coincidentally very relevant! It was about self-acceptance and this was my favourite quote: "I may not be perfect, but I'm okay just the way I am."

You can find the "I'm OK" burlap wall decor listing in the LAX TO YVR shop.

Also, there's a chance to win this item in a giveaway contest being held on the CAMP + QUARRY blog! CAMP + QUARRY is run by fellow Vancouverite Sarah, a talented jewelry designer. I'm a big fan of Sarah's blog, and I'm so excited that she's hosting this giveaway. Be sure to also check out the lovely CAMP + QUARRY shop, which features jewelry made with raw crystals. You can enter the contest here.

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