pear tart

There are four restaurants in Vancouver that I love to go to regularly. The food is consistently good whenever I dine at any of these establishments.

 1. Bob Likes Thai Food. The best Thai restaurant in the city. I always order the chicken fried rice. It's one of my favourite comfort foods.

 2. Lin. The Shanghai juice pork dumplings are a must. Hands down the best Chinese restaurant in the westside. The wait staff is not very attentive, but the food is so damn good that I put up with the bad service.

 3. Salade de Fruits. When I had the pear tart for dessert, it was, ahem, an orgasmic experience (see photo above). The menu is all in French, but the servers are very helpful in translating and making recommendations. Warning: cash only.

 4. La Taqueria. Finally a joint that serves up decent tacos. And all their meat is free-range to boot. I'm so happy that they opened a second location on Cambie and Broadway, which is a lot more accessible for me.


  1. La Taqueria!!! Love that place. But, while you've mentioned a couple of places I've never been, you've left my absolute favourite off the list: Grub!!!! I LOVE that restaurant. It's always so good and their entrees are so creative. Also, you can get bowls of boozy punch there. Need I say more?

  2. I haven't been to Grub yet but it's on my list. So many great places to eat in Vancouver!