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We barely squeaked in some time to see LACMA's California Design exhibit during our trip to L.A. I mainly wanted to see it in order to check out the Eames' living room recreated inside the museum. All the contents of the living room were temporarily moved out of their Case Study house in order to do some renovations. The New York Times wrote an article on this project.

Unfortunately, taking photos of the Eames living room replica was not allowed. But it was a sight to behold. To my surprise, the living room featured a mash-up of various styles. It was more eclectic and cluttered than I imagined it would be. It was definitely modern in style, but I was also struck by how  warm and cozy the space seemed.

I did manage to get these pictures, which I took with my phone so please excuse the crappy quality. There was so much modern furniture to behold and drool over.

These lamps were to die for. Wish I could have whisked them off to our apartment!

The exhibit was not just about furniture or interior decor. It featured fashion and other areas of design. I really wish I could have lingered and soaked up the inspiration that was all around. We could only spare 45 minutes in there as we were between meetings with friends. California Design runs until June 3, 2012, so if you're in the area and appreciate good design, then go check it out!

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