Our trip down to Los Angeles was fast and furious as usual. I always enjoy going back to the place I grew up. It seems that I never have enough time to see all my relatives and friends. This time around the Dude and I were in Los Angeles proper for only two days so we were over-ambitious in our effort to see as many people as we could. The rest of the time we spent in the desert, in Palm Springs.

The catalyst for the trip was my best friend's son's first birthday. It was celebrated in the traditional Korean way and there was a huge spread of festive, symbolic food set out on the head table.


One thing I always look forward to when visiting SoCal is the food! I become a glutton and try to eat as much as I can of all the foods I miss.

My favourite bakery is Europane in Pasadena. We went there twice in one day! They have the best egg salad sandwich ever. And their lemon bar is divine. We also went to Fred 62 in Los Feliz for breakfast, and I ordered the Bearded Mr. Frenchy, which is french toast coated in cornflakes. Decadently delicious.

Griffith Observatory

randy's donuts

I took the Dude out to see a couple of L.A. landmarks: The Griffith Observatory and Randy's Donuts, both which have been used as backdrops in multiple films. The Dude, being a total nerd, really enjoyed the Observatory. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the views in spite of it being a very hazy day. We stopped by Randy's Donuts on the way to the airport; I couldn't leave L.A. without indulging in at least one donut (it's one of the foods I miss the most). It was the first time I had a donut from Randy's, and it was okay. I've had better elsewhere. I mainly wanted to take a picture there.

Of course, I had to do some design research during our trip. We checked out the California Design exhibit at LACMA ever so briefly (which I'll blog about later). And we stayed at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, which is known for their very cool decor (I'll also devote a separate blog post on it).

ace hotel swimming pool

It goes without saying, but we definitely enjoyed the toasty sunny climate in SoCal - a nice break from rainy, gloomy Vancouver. However, a downside was that the dry atmosphere made my vision more blurry than usual so the poor Dude, who hates driving, had to steer through L.A.'s perilous streets and freeways. We managed to return to Vancouver in one piece...and with our marriage intact.

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  1. LOVE YOU, MALLY CAT! Thanks to you and the Dude for coming ... it wouldn't have been the same without Auntie Alice. We miss you lots and can't wait to pay YOU a visit soon!! (Our passports are being replaced by the US Department of State as we speak. Yay!)