I'm learning how to use a sewing machine. Actually, I'm re-learning. I first learned in middle school home ec class, and then shortly thereafter lost all my sewing skills. Looking back I can't believe I made all those projects when I was a little teeny-bopper, like cushions, bags, and shorts! I made a pair of shorts! They were constructed out of flannel fabric because grungy fashion was all the rage back then. I have no idea how to make shorts now...very sad.

Well, I recently made a garland as my first sewing project. I cut a gazillion little felt circles (by hand) and then sewed them together very badly (who knew that sewing straight is very hard?). I put them up as decoration for our New Year's Day open house that we just hosted. Fortunately, they were hanging high up enough so that you couldn't really see all the mistakes.

Maybe one day when I've practiced enough I'll be able to sew up some shorts again.