As you can see, I'm up to no good again. I'm thinking of re-painting our bedroom.  It was the Dude who proposed it. For once it wasn't me who came up with a home decor idea. After having attended a design competition where we saw six beautifully decorated condo suites, I whined to the Dude that our bedroom had too many colours going on. Currently we have blue, brown, white, red and gray going on in the bedroom. There's really no main colour.

So the Dude gave the most brilliant suggestion: paint three of the walls white and one wall black (the one behind the bed). He said the blue walls weren't really helping our colour scheme. Oh my goodness, I have trained him well. LOL! He's heard me coo at sexy black walls enough times to suggest it. I'm très excited about the possibilities newly painted walls present.

The photo above shows all the paint options I'm considering. They're all Behr paint chips from Home Depot (I'm quite happy with their paints based on previous experience). I'm probably going to go for Ultra Premium White (it's the whitest white paint), but I'm afraid that it may feel too sterile and clinical. When I see pictures of spaces painted in this colour I adore it, but I'm not sure how it would feel actually living with this colour. Anyway, I'm going to paint a sample swatch of it before I commit to it.

Now it's a matter of finding time to paint. Too much going on for the next four weeks. Maybe early March? I'm going to start with the white walls. Then choose the black paint. Yay, yay, yay, I finally get to have a black wall.