I have a love-hate relationship with craigslist. I suppose most people who use it do. Trying to sell stuff on craigslist is usually a pain because of flaky shoppers. And trying to buy stuff is a pain because of flaky sellers. Nevertheless, I have to admit that it's a great internet tool for buying and selling crap. Well, this past week I had two consecutive good experiences selling and buying on craigslist. It was as if all the stars were aligned or something.

First, I bought an awesome, old storage chest for $50. It's got the right dimensions and even the loud turquoise colour works for the colour palette I'm going for. I've been hoping for months to find a wooden chest that would function as storage/coffee table/extra seating for the living room. And I can't believe I found one that fits the bill perfectly. We just need to slap some casters on this baby and it's golden. The best thing about it: not IKEA.

Second, we finally sold a black armchair that I've been trying to get rid of for months. After taking a hiatus, I re-posted it and it sold within days - huzzah. Now the living room feels a bit more spacious. The armchair had the wrong proportions that made it look odd with the rest of the furniture. I bought it last summer at an estate sale and it turned out to be one of my "early mistakes."

Now we only have three more pieces of furniture to purge: the Dude's big-ass ergonomic chair and two bookcases that are standing in the place where the new storage chest/bench/coffee table is going to go.