What a hectic three weeks it's been! From working at the ever chaotic la superboutique olympique to going on a 4-day road trip to Yakima, WA and meanwhile trying to run my online shop left me utterly exhausted. And I might add, we did a lot of standing in line to get into the different pavilions around town and catching the games in various pubs. Working in downtown allowed me to see the city come alive, and let me tell you, it was a party every night. And the Canada-USA hockey game yesterday was not only exhilirating, but the celebration that broke out everywhere after Canada's victory was even more fun to experience.

The Dude and I unexpectedly caught Olympic fever and we enjoyed the whole experience. Now we're hoping to actually go and catch some of the upcoming paralympic games live (tickets are quite affordable - yay). And we've thoroughly fallen head over heels for the Olympic mascots (particularly Quatchi and Mukmuk) to some chagrin because initially we deemed them really lame.

In all seriousness though, I must add that I was disappointed and a bit miffed that Celine Dion was not included in neither of the opening and closing ceremonies. I'm being serious. Did the producers decide to pass on her or did she decline to participate?