DIY garland

I was looking to do an instant gratification DIY project and so I made a paper flag garland. Now one of our bare walls is finally decorated. The great thing about these garlands is that you can change them up with the seasons. During the holidays I had a snowflake paper doily garland up.

This garland is super easy to make. Cut out a triangle template. Trace it on scrap paper you may have lying around. Cut out a bunch of triangles. Punch two tiny holes at the top two corners of each triangle. Run a string through them and voila, a cute paper garland!

It's hard to resist to make more of these garlands and put them up everywhere: hanging from doorways, across a mirror, the wall in front of my desk, across a window or shelf, etc.

And I also recently finished another DIY project to occupy another bare wall. Can't wait to show it off!