After seeing a minimalist 250 sq. foot apartment on the Tiny-Ass Apartment blog, I got the itch to do another purge. I really, really want to live with as little as possible. But it's so hard when you like to do crafty things. So I keep accumulating supplies. Argh.

Speaking of being crafty, I also have the itch to make something. Now that the weather is warming up and days are getting longer, I'm hoping to do some furniture refinishing projects again. There's so many beautiful things I want to make but so little time. Anyway, I really need to pick up a paintbrush and paint something or I'll go batty. Gonna pick up some spray paint today. Can't afford to buy art for our bare walls so I'm gonna have to make it myself. I'm going to attempt my own rendition of the project above, courtesy of Krylon.