We're back from our honeymoon!

We went on a road trip that took us up to the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island, and Salt Spring Island. Yes, lots of ferry-ing around.

Memorable moments:

::Watching the lightning storm from Sechelt.

::My favorite ferry ride was hands down the one between Earl's Cove and Powell River. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous scenery.

::Visiting the Old Country Market in Coombs--famous for having goats on their roofs.

::The Dude fooling around with his seaweed "whip" on the beach while we were in Tofino.

::Canoeing in Clayoquot Sound.

::Chatting it up with Bruce of Bruce's Kitchen, owner of a small cafe in Salt Spring Island that specializes in using produce from local farms. We especially enjoyed the amazing orzo salad that had delectable slices of heirloom tomatoes.