Salt Spring Island Saturday Market

I attended a wedding of a friend from my undergrad UBC days and got a blast from the past. I saw old friends whom I had not seen in ages. They were people I knew from the church I was going to nine years ago. I had mixed feelings about seeing them. On one hand I was glad to see them again and know where they're at now, but I was also sad that these people who were once good friends of mine are no longer in my life. All of them didn't know that I had come back to Vancouver and gotten married. I had not bothered to notify them because I had lost touch for so long. Even while at Regent I barely saw much of them, if at all.

Overall it felt awkward to see them again because I wasn't sure if I should make the effort to reconnect with them again. Do I suggest that we meet up soon and catch up? In the end, I decided to just leave it at "Hi" and "Bye." Frankly, there's really nothing we have in common that would reunite us and make us a regular part of one another's lives. The only thing we share now is a history, a brief period of our lives. We had some good times back then, but I doubt we could recreate them. We've all gone in our own direction.