LAX TO YVR has its own website! Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Earlier this summer I took a web design class where I learned how to build websites from scratch. The first official website I built was for my business. Creating websites is fun. It's like decorating! I hope to transition into a career in web design gradually. But in order to make that happen I still have a lot more to learn.

In other news, I went in for another round of laser eye surgery last month. Hence, the long silence in my blog. I'm still recovering so I'm not on the computer as much.

And in other other news, I got a new part-time job! A while ago I realized I didn't really enjoy working at home all by my lonesome all day. It was making me quite unhappy, so I started looking for a job that would give me much needed social stimulation. After months of job hunting, I finally landed a half-time position working at a small Jewish private high school for girls as the school secretary. I'm gradually adjusting to my new job and new schedule. It's nice to have have co-workers again and to interact with the students. And because it's part-time, it allows me to continue running my Etsy shop.

Coming down the pipe on the blog: photos of decor projects I've worked on for our apartment and new products for the LAX TO YVR shop. Stay tuned!

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