Two posts in one week! I'm on a roll.

Managed to get some painting done last week as you may have known if you follow me on Twitter. Surprise, surprise: I painted a black accent wall in the dining nook. I used the same paint that was left over from the first black wall paint job. Totally love it. I'm not sure if I'm capable of painting a wall any other colour now. I've been ruined. As the saying goes, "Once you go black, you never go back."

Black is such a rich, warm colour. It is not gloomy at all as you can see in the photograph above. The only downside is that black tends to recede into background so you forget it's there. I really have to look to be aware that the black wall is there. Who knew black would be such an unassuming, subtle colour like that? But that's what I love it about it - it's not a colour that looms over you, adamantly declaring, "I'm here! Look at me!"

A nice outcome of painting the wall black is that the white pendant lamp really pops out. However, I'm having doubts about the sunburst mirror. I feel like it's competing with the lamp. Too much going on there. But I really don't know where else to put the sunburst mirror.

Really, really, really wish I didn't have to put the toaster oven and microwave on top of the sideboard but alas there's not enough counter space in the kitchen.

I think this is the only paint job that I'll do in this apartment. Famous last words?

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