Things have been changing a bit in our living room recently.

Last weekend I visited Stepback, my favourite vintage home decor store in Vancouver and scored a couple things that I'd been searching for a long time.

cart on wheels

We had been hoping to add a two-tier cart to our living room to function as the landing strip and occasionally moonlight as a bar for when we have a party. Stepback had just what we needed. I love the industrial vibe to it. The Dude is not a fan of industrial decor, but he was game for this piece because it's been nearly impossible to find a cart small enough for the space we had in mind. What I love about this cart is that it's on wheels (I'm a huge fan of furniture on wheels) and that it's airy looking instead of bulky. I'm trying to avoid monolithic pieces of furniture so that it doesn't seem overcrowded in our tiny apartment.

vintage toolbox

The second thing I found is a vintage toolbox I needed to round out my collection on the top shelf above my desk. I definitely need it to store my ever growing stash of craft supplies.

my desk

It looks quite cheerful up there with the other vintage toolboxes, don't you think? Vintage toolboxes have so much character and they provide a creative storage solution.

sunburst mirror

The last new addition to the living room is the sunburst mirror I hacked. I'll devote a separate blog post to this piece. It looks fabulous on the large wall, which was bare and sad-looking until recently.

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