black accent wall

Yes, I finally did it! I painted the black accent wall I've been fantasizing about for months on end. The black wall happened where the red accent wall used to be in the living room. The paint I used is Behr "Cracked Pepper."

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black accent wall

The red was a lovely colour but it made our living room feel a little too "cozy." The black wall recedes into the background so it makes things feel a bit more spacious. The black wall is actually not really black. It's a dark grey that looks navy blue when it's very bright and charcoal grey when it's very dark. I wish it were a bit darker actually, but I'm sure that if I went for a dark shade I would probably wish it were lighter.

living room black accent wall

Anyway, it's très très exciting to have a black wall finally.

This week I'm starting to paint the rest of the living room in Benjamin Moore "Simply White." I'm hoping it will reflect light better than the current drab renter's white. Also, I'm excited to use a paint brand other than Behr. My goal is to finish painting the living room by the end of October.


  1. LOVE the new look of the wall! It really draws attention to everything in just the right way.

  2. I love that wall. I am sure you must have felt very brave, starting to paint in such a bold colour! I just found your blog through My Girl Thursday and really like it here.

  3. Thanks Annika for stopping by my blog! If I had been feeling braver I would have gone with a darker paint. Next time I think I'll use a really black paint.

  4. i discovered your blog through 'my girl thursday' and i am happy to be following along. your home is wonderful - so creative and comfortable. looking forward to more.


  5. Thanks Chrissy for visiting my blog and for your kind words!

  6. I just stumbled across your post and I'm very curious to know the color of your red wall??

    1. It's Behr Premium Ultra Plus in Carmine Red. Got it from Home Depot.