Obviously, I didn't do the black accent wall behind the bed. The Dude pointed out that with the dark grey curtains, a black wall might feel overwhelming in our bedroom. I'm so glad he pointed that out. I'm in no hurry to change the curtains because it took forever to find them.

Our bedroom is tiny and hence difficult to photograph. There's hardly any space to stand in. These are the best photos I could wrangle.

Here's the "Before" picture:

Overall, we're both pleased with the results. Now that the whole bedroom is painted in Behr Ultra Pure White, we like the paint choice a lot better. When I did half the room back in May, I was very disappointed with the paint. But I feel much better about it now (to great relief). It's a bright cheery white, which is exactly what's called for in gloomy Vancouver.


The one thing I want to change now is the bed linens. I got the one above in the spring when I was still planning to paint the black accent wall. Now with the white wall, it's too much white. I really want this set from IKEA. I've been coveting this duvet cover for a long, long time. I should have just gone with my gut instinct and gotten them. Oh well. I'm not ready to buy it after having just recently purchased the current one, which is also from IKEA. I may just get a colourful throw and toss it on the bed.


A made-up bed is a rare sighting in our household. I'm a neat freak about everything else except the bed. I just don't see the point. And it's also due to pure laziness. I can't be anal about everything.

We're not sure yet what to do about bedside lighting. The Dude hates our current lamps, but I'm not eager to go shopping for new ones because frankly I'd rather spend the time on more urgent matters. For example, I really need to paint the yellow nightstand, which we picked up for $2 last year at a church thrift sale.

The next place to paint is the living room. I was considering Ultra Pure White but it's too white. I'm seriously considering Benjamin Moore Simply White. And I haven't given up on the elusive black accent wall. It's going to happen somewhere in the living room. I hope.

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