I finally got around to re-painting the bedroom.

Here's the "Before" picture:

I used Behr Ultra Premium White in Flat. The result was very underwhelming I'm sad to report. Maybe it's because the rest of the walls aren't finished. I was hoping that crisp white walls would magically make the bedroom look better but it still looks blah. Maybe it's because it still lacks the right furnishings. Maybe white is just not my colour. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Anyway, I needed to paint the walls because the bedroom is where I mainly do my photo shoots, and I need a white background for my product shots, particularly for the new online shop I'm developing.

So I have half a wall still to go to paint in white. The wall behind the bed is supposed to be painted black, but now that we're planning to move it seems pointless because I'd have to paint it white again before we vacate. Hence, it shall remain light blue. Maybe. Probably not.

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