While visiting L.A., I think I may have discovered the source of my plant obsession.

My grandfather is a master of growing and nurturing house plants. I couldn't help but admire his collection while visiting. I find it cute that he mixes in fake flowers with his plants.

I remember as a child my grampa was the first person to teach me how to grow a plant from seed. We planted a seed or a bean of some sort in a paper cup, and I was totally amazed when it magically sprouted.

The plant on the left is one of my favourite succulents of all time. It's originally from South Africa.

This little figurine cracked me up. He seems content dangling off the Sansevieria plant. Grampa's Sansevieria plants are absolutely gorgeous, not a trace of rot or blemish. Mine is full of rotting leaves because initially I overwatered it.

Walking around L.A., I couldn't help but notice succulents growing everywhere. I literally stopped in my tracks every time I saw one and had to ooh and aah over it. It's a good thing we were driving most of the time; otherwise, we would have been late to everything because of all my plant ogling.

I saw these beauties in the Sunset Junction area while making my pilgrimage to Mohawk General Store/Amsterdam Modern, a midcentury modern haven, where I drooled over everything I saw. 

I guess living in L.A. for 20 years nurtured a fondness for succulents and cacti. Not only do I appreciate their beauty but also their toughness. They seem to thrive in harsh conditions. I suppose surrounding myself with these plants is a reminder of where I come from.

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