For weeks and weeks I've been waffling over whether to paint the black accent wall or not in our bedroom. The thing that's been making me hesitate is the possibility of moving out. But we haven't been diligent about actually searching for a new apartment. I didn't want to paint the wall black and then have to re-paint it white shortly thereafter if we were going to move soon. But now it looks like we won't have the opportunity to even start looking for a new apartment until January 2012 at the earliest (it's going to be a busy fall). So I've decided to go ahead and paint the friggin' black accent wall that I've been fantasizing about for months on end.


Now I have to agonize over which black paint to choose. This is the most nerve-wracking part of the whole ordeal.

Also, I'm thinking about painting the living room. The default apartment renter's white looks dingy and depressing. I want a bright white that will reflect light better in the dim living room. I was considering Behr's Ultra Premium White, but I think it's too white. I'm going to check out some Benjamin Moore white paint.

July's been a hectic month because I was taking another class at Emily Carr two nights a week. August is going to be beyond hectic. It's probably going to be craziest month of the year. But I'm determined to finish painting the bedroom. I'm itching to pick up a paintbrush so bad that I'm afraid if I don't give into my compulsion some very bad things are going to happen around here.

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