I've been slowly transforming the balcony into a succulent garden oasis. Maybe it's my California upbringing, but I adore succulent plants. And that they just happen to be the easiest plants to care for is a major plus. They seem to thrive on neglect, which I've got plenty to give.

Because our balcony faces northeast, it doesn't get much sun other than in the morning. Given that succulents tend to be sun worshippers, I hope my new plants don't die. But I've had success with the sedum plants in the last year so I hope the new guys survive too.

I love looking out our balcony and seeing all the greenery, especially while I'm doing yoga. It's very calming.

I'm also gradually changing our indoor plants to cacti and succulents to go with our Tex-Mex theme, er, I mean Southwest modern decor.

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