Another trip to IKEA yielded these results:

The Helmer drawer unit and the Gilbert chair are two IKEA items I love. They offer a lot of design-bang for your buck. And the Gilbert chair is surprisingly comfortable to boot. (Please just ignore the wire-y mess under the desk).

I really wish Helmer came in black though. It'd be so bad-ass in black. I'm sure IKEA will realize this one day and grant me my wish. The other thing I wish for is drawer stoppers so that the drawers don't come flying out whenever I pull one open.

Crap, I just realized that the office is looking too IKEA-ish, especially since I'm using the Kassett boxes and Knuff magazine files as storage. And the friggin' glass shelves are from IKEA too. Noooooo, damn you, IKEA. Just kidding, sort of. Given their affordability and that I actually like these pieces a lot, I'm fairly pleased.

I think one reason that I end up getting more stuff from IKEA than I'd really like is not only because it's the most economical option, but it's also the most convenient. It's hard to find the equivalent in non-IKEA home furnishing stores here in Vancouver because the selection is so friggin' small. 

One day when we have a fifteen hundred bucks just idling around, I will replace the Gilbert chair with the Eames Management office chair. One day...


  1. dig it :))

    what are the legs on yr desk...Ikea too?

  2. the legs are plumbing pipes from Home Depot.