After being away for two weeks, it was nice to return to Vancouver and see cherry blossoms in bloom. Spring is here! Finally.

I had fun showing the Dude Buenos Aires, the city where I was born. It was especially great to be there in March when it's still summer. My relatives enjoyed meeting the Dude. As I expected, they pointed out how skinny he was and blamed it on me - every time we saw them. The best way to summarize our trip to Argentina is that we ate, and ate, and ate some more. It was a meat-fest. And a dessert-fest. Everything tastes so much better down there.

Then we went up to Massachusetts to visit the Dude's family. It was nice to be back in the US and to be among relatives who did not badger us about having kids, like, tomorrow. Anyway, I relished the opportunity to visit stores that I miss frequenting because they don't exist in Canada (e.g. Target and Trader Joe's). A highlight was seeing Brookfield, the Dude's hometown, which is a small rural community in the middle of nowhere. To say the least, it's a very different environment from the kind that I grew up in.

Most of the shopping I did on vacation consisted of stocking up on yarn (as if I don't already have enough). Seriously, if the apocalypse were to occur tomorrow and the world became a nuclear wasteland, I'd have enough yarn to keep me busy until I die...maybe. It would depend on how fast I knit.