99 beeline

The Dude and I have been having half-serious conversations about moving for a while now. Although we enjoy living in Kerrisdale, the bus that gets us to the places that promise us fun is infrequent and unreliable. Hence, we don't go out as much, and our social life is suffering as a result.

Well, last night we had our first fully serious conversation about moving. We're shooting for next spring, probably in May or June. Exhaustion overcomes me just thinking about moving. But we really do need to move. Ideally, our new place will be near Broadway and Cambie where the 99 B-line bus and the Canada Line are readily accessible. It's such a central location, and we can easily get to all the places that promise us fun. So no more excuses for staying in!

Although I have mixed feelings about moving, in the long run it'll be good. But there are things about Kerrisdale that I'll definitely miss. For example, I particularly love the yoga studio that I frequent, and I'm not sure if it'll be realistic for me to keep going there once it's not within walking distance. This makes me very sad.

Well, one advantage about moving is that I'll have a whole new space to decorate! And I'll get to apply all the lessons I learned from the mistakes I made in our current apartment.