Today was my first day working on the sales floor of the Olympic Superstore. And oh my goodness, they just threw me into the deep end! Thank God I had previous cashiering experience, so I was able to pick it up quickly. On the till next to mine my co-worker was ringing up Jamie Salé and David Pelletier, 2002 gold medalists in pairs figure skating. They were there for a media thingy. I wouldn't even have noticed if the the customer I was serving hadn't pointed them out. The 2002 Winter Olympics was the last time I ever watched the Olympics. The scandal that erupted in the pairs figure skating competition totally turned me off to the games. But it's kinda hard to ignore the Olympics when it's happening in the city where you live, and especially when you're employed by it. So I think this year I'll make more effort to watch some of the games, on TV of course.

Anyway, each time I pass by the Quatchi stuffed doll, one of the Olympic mascots, I am this much closer to buying his plushy ass. I can't contain it any longer: I love Quatchi!