There are many things I love about Vancouver and living here. However, there is one downfall...it crimps my style, fashion-wise. The constant rain and cool temperatures force me to choose clothes that protect me against the elements rather than wear clothes and shoes that reflect my true style. When I lived in L.A. I could pretty much wear whatever I wanted (which was mostly cute summer and fall clothes) because of the constant sunny weather. And when I had a car I could wear heels all the time. But now I can't wear any of my fun shoes (even flat ones!) because I walk everywhere, and I don't want them to get water-damaged.

I absolutely hate my wardrobe right now. The way I acquire clothes usually involves going on a big shopping spree every few years so that I get to redo my whole wardrobe. And I'm way overdue for a wardrobe makeover. But alas, poverty requires that I continue wearing ugly clothes. Any spare money we have I'd rather spend on beautifying our apartment. We recently bought a couch and an armchair because I got really sick of having an empty living room after 4 months. They're used so they definitely need fixing up. I'll post pictures once their makeover is complete.