I was waiting for my boss to call me with a start date this month, but when I wasn't hearing from him I e-mailed him. He wrote back saying he hired someone else who could work full-time. I was annoyed that he didn't let me know earlier. WTF? In any case, I'm relieved because I wasn't that excited about this job anyway. Several times I seriously thought about telling him that I changed my mind about working for his company. And I even interviewed for another job (which I didn't get) while waiting for this one to start.

So now I have to look for a job again. Bleh. Not only is job hunting a painful activity, but the prospect of working for someone simply does not appeal to me. Hence, this makes me not want to look for a job even more. I would enjoy working for someone only is if it's a job where I get to be highly independent or I work with people I really enjoy.

But beggars can't be choosers.