The Dude and I like to have pseudo-arguments about white floors. I love them. He hates them. He thinks they're an abomination. He argues that it looks too cold, sterile, and stark. I can see his point. But I've seen interiors with white floors that look cozy and inviting. It's all about layering and using different textures to add warmth to a space. I love how white floors make a room look more spacious and freshly clean. We'll probably never have white floors but nothing can stop me from daydreaming about them.

In personal news, we are about to move again. We just moved five months ago, and I can't believe we have to do it again. But our current place continues to give me headaches, and it became clear that we have to move out of here. I tried all sorts of treatments and medication but the headaches persist whenever I'm in the apartment. So in a couple weeks we'll be in our new digs.

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