The Dude and I spent last week visiting his family who live right outside of Boston. We went into the city a few times to see the sights and meet up with the Dude's friends who live in the area.

I happened to discover during our trip that Instagram is finally available for Android phones! I was so excited because I've been wanting to use Instagram for so very long and it was the only reason why I'd get an iPhone. I still do want an iPhone because it has a superior camera; the pictures I take with my Android phone are so, so sucky. Even though it's kinda embarrassing that I'm posting my crappy photos, the fact that I processed them through Instagram kinda redeems them.

Paul Revere statue in the North End.

Cool old building in the North End.

Main drag in the North End. 

Newbury Street. Known for high end designer stores. 
There also seems to be an old church on every block in this part of town. 

Fenway Park. Celebrating 100 years. 

Boston was a nice change of scenery from cold, gloomy Vancouver. There was a heat wave so we got to enjoy unseasonably warm, toasty weather. I loved that it was sunny every day we were there. Now the Dude and I are wondering if we should move to Boston. We've been vacation-seduced!

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