I've been busy, but feeling as if I haven't been accomplishing much. And I realized that my dissatisfaction was due to the fact that I've been mainly dealing with obligations and not giving enough time to working on stuff that I really wanted to be doing. And the stuff I really wanted to work on were my creative projects. Hence, my schedule needed an overhaul.

Now two days out of the week are devoted to furniture refinishing and any other crafty project that's on the queue. The rest of the days are for wedding planning, house business, meetings, etc. This new schedule was put into effect last week, and I definitely feel that it's made a difference. I feel more productive and no longer feel frustrated with not being able to work on my crafts.

So far I've spent 3 days working on the "Behemoth" - an oversized dresser left by a former housemate. Most of the time was taken up with sanding down the damn thing.