My apologies for the long hiatus. Things have been hectic...

Since the last update, The Dude and I have gotten engaged. Being engaged pretty much is consumed by wedding planning, and since ours is going to be a DIY wedding, it's going to require a lot more energy and time.

Although I'm very happy to be engaged to a man I love very much, when I think about my gay friends in California who cannot get married I feel badly...and almost guilty. If I weren't legally able to marry The Dude, I'd be so devastated and pissed off as hell at the same time.

It's been about five months since I've been back in Vancouver, and I feel a lot more settled down. Living in a house I enjoy and one that actually feels like "home" definitely helps. I feel really lucky to have found my current place, and with such great housemates, too! The Dude and I agree upon communal living as a lifestyle choice, and I hope we can live this way for a long time.

Now that I have more free time, I can finally get to wedding planning and painting the walls. (And perhaps more blogging!)